If you’re highly successful professionally, yet don’t have the time or knowledge to apply the same approach to your finances - we can help.

With our objective, integrated approach that’s based on your goals and objectives, we help you create a clear vision for your future.

Even better, we provide you with an effective and lasting strategy for getting you there.

Our objective is simple: to dramatically increase the probability of reaching your objectives, through discipline and smart decisions. This is what we call creating clarity from complexity.

About me: Peter Lee

For more than 25 years, I’ve worked in the financial services industry, from insurance and funds management to trustee services and banking, gaining wide-ranging experience and knowledge. This includes:

  • Senior executive experience at Fidelity Life, Guardian Trust and ANZ bank
  • Developing and launching a KiwiSaver scheme; two ethical investment funds (one is now New Zealand’s largest ethical KiwiSaver fund); and two financial planning services
  • Writing countless financial plans and templates
  • Bringing “clarity from complexity” to hundreds of people and organisations, including professionals, SME principals and owners, senior managers and not-for-profits

As a former Chief Executive of the Institute of Financial Advisers (the industry’s peak financial advisory body), I’ve had the opportunity to identify best practice in financial planning advice – and I’m bringing this valuable insight to Natural Edge’s clients.

I remain a committed member of the Institute, and am additionally an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). This means I’m regulated by the government and must adhere to strict standards. If you’d like to see my disclosure statement, it’s free of charge, on request.

How we work

First steps

We believe in long-term, trust-based relationships, which take time and effort to build.

You need to be completely comfortable with how we work, so we invest a lot of time initially with you. Our first 1–1.5-hour meeting costs nothing, and is obligation-free.

At our initial consultation, we’ll establish your situation and needs and, from there, the level and extent of consulting service required. We’ll then provide an estimate of our fees.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, before agreeing to proceed.

Developing your strategic plan and recommendations

This is when we gather all the relevant information. This includes time spent getting to know you and what’s important to you – what drives you, what you want to achieve, your goals and needs. This helps us establish what matters the most to you.

We then gather all relevant factual information, which can include details about existing investments; KiwiSaver plans; personal insurances; business insurance arrangements; group scheme memberships; family trust; and other information.

Next we provide you with a project fee estimate.

Once agreed, we’ll analyse and make recommendations, which may include:

  • A comprehensive risk audit, outlining the key areas where you, your firm or organisation are at risk
  • An analysis of, and recommendations about, your retirement planning including KiwiSaver
  • Analysis of, and recommendations about, your investments and our recommended strategy
  • Comments on any estate and asset planning issues

This is delivered as a draft strategic plan, giving us the chance to discuss it and make any necessary changes.

It sets out your goals and objectives, your current situation, any issues you need to address, and our recommendations. It also sets out how we can jointly implement the plan.

Once you’re happy that the plan meets your objectives, we’ll begin implementing it.

Implementing our recommendations

In most cases we’ll need to work with other professionals, co-ordinating them to deliver effective and lasting solutions. Typically these can involve your accountant, lawyer, estate planning professionals and others. They may be part of the plan, or arranged separately.

Providing regular reviews, ongoing service and support

A regular review is a vital part of our service as changes in your situation, goals and objectives may require changes to your plan. We’ll initially agree an appropriate review process so you know we’ll be regularly monitoring your plan.

In between your reviews, you’re always welcome to contact us, and we’ll also provide regular updates of related, useful information.

Our fees

Although every client and their needs are different, our fees normally include:

  • A plan fee, which includes the detailed analysis and recommendations, provided in a simple document.
  • An implementation fee, which varies depending on the types of solutions needed
  • Annual monitoring, reporting and service fee (dependent on the level of service required)

All fees are quoted and agreed in advance, so there are no surprises.

Our policy on any lump-sum investment business is to rebate any and all commissions and brokerage back to you, so we can remain unbiased as to the investments we recommend.

What our clients say

When asked to describe working with Natural Edge, our clients say:

"The Natural Edge people are very ethical, very values-driven, committed to the long-term – making a difference, leaving a legacy, being sustainable. They understand my values and what’s important to me. I trust them absolutely."

"For the first time, I’ve got real clarity about what to do and how to do it, that will help me achieve my goals. They don’t go for the quick fix, but take time to find out what’s important to me. They gave me a clear strategy and how it all fits together in an integrated way, not just one or two parts. They keep me focused on the big picture."

"Highly professional, very knowledgeable and experienced, know when to bring in other experts, almost like a conductor – they “orchestrate” things. Very clever and careful and prudent and methodical top-quality solutions. I know I can rely on them."

"I know Peter and the team are in it for the long-term and have long-term clients, and their solutions are classy, long-term, enduring ones that will last the test of time. Their advice and solutions will go to work when needed, when I can’t. I’ll have certainty, freedom, choices and real peace of mind."

About Natural Edge

At Natural Edge, we provide strategic financial consulting, helping you make sense of your financial world. We provide strategic financial clarity – so you can act confidently; freeing your time up to focus on what matters to you most.


Let us create financial clarity from complexity for you – talk to us today.

Natural Edge
Peter Lee
Strategic Financial Planner
Authorised Financial Advisor
peter@naturaledge.co.nz www.naturaledge.co.nz


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