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Posted on Mar 24, 2015 by marc_admin

We are very proud to have partnered up with the LIFE-TIME Financial Group, one of the oldest financial planning groups in New Zealand with over 40 years’ experience and a focus on impartial, evidence-based solutions. All our implemented solutions are provided via LIFE-TIME and use LIFE-TIME-s extensive array of research companies and thorough processes. In conjunction with other advisers and externally, I have access to a range of specialists including ACC, mortgage advice, to provide a complete solution.

About our new partner

LIFE-TIME Financial Group offer impartial financial advice using independent research from at least five separate sources which means we can offer the best value and lowest cost Life Insurance, Medical Insurance and Investment options plus Retirement and KiwiSaver fund recommendations to maximise your retirement goals.

Compare your KiwiSaver, Retirement and Investments with advice from the most up to date financial research and reduce the costs of your Life, Disability and ACC Insurance with the most cost-effective policies for your needs.

We have no tied relationships and are independent from investment funds and insurance providers with access to all of New Zealand’s leading companies. Let us show you how you can make the most of your money with best impartial advice available.

Our financial advisors based in Auckland’s North Shore, and additional convenient locations throughout New Zealand, can understand your business needs and provide options for:

  • Business Continuation
  • Business Succession
  • Key-Worker / Shareholder Insurances
  • Funding Exit-Strategy
  • Investments
  • Advice on Business Funding

As specialist Financial Advisers, we can assist across a of number of area including Business Success Planning as well as safeguarding the effectiveness of your small- and medium-sized businesses to ensure that Businesses continue to function should something happen to the main-shareholder or key-worker.

We can assist any type of business, whether you’re running a farm in a rural location or operating a sales team in the heart of Auckland, Wellington or Hamilton, our AFAs have the expertise to make your business work for you.

About Natural Edge

At Natural Edge, we provide strategic financial consulting, helping you make sense of your financial world. We provide strategic financial clarity – so you can act confidently; freeing your time up to focus on what matters to you most.


Let us create financial clarity from complexity for you – talk to us today.

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